Fee Schedule

Usually there are no extra fees beyond the price stated on your contract. Here are a few of the items that factor into your contract amount. If these items are added after the contract is written they may be invoiced separately either before or after your event.

Room Move: $12/person per move (moving the band from one location to another).

Additional equipment required for a quick move: Sometimes when a room move is required quickly, equipment needs to be in place in both locations. In this case the following cartage fees will apply:

    Drums $40

    Keyboard and Amp $30

    Guitar or Bass Amp $20

    PA system: $75

    Other. . . Call for a quote

Sound Systems:

Overtime: Overtime beyond the contracted time is billed at $75 per hour per musician. Unless we are told a few minutes in advance that overtime is being requested and for how long (so that we might incorporate breaks if applicable) the band will assume that the performance time ends as stated in the contract and will begin packing up at that time.

Song Preparation: If a particular song is requested in advance and the band does not have access to the appropriate sheet music (we've got over 4000 songs on file!) there are a couple of options.

    You provide the sheet music. If it is useable (some sheet music, unfortunately, is not particularly useable) there is no charge for us to prepare to play the tune.

    We have to adapt, transpose or re-typeset your provided sheet music: $50

    You provide a CD for us to transcribe and typeset the music: $100

Travel: If the job is a significant distance from Los Angeles we will first try, when appropriate, to hire musicians from your local area. Otherwise, travel rates will apply.

    Driving: Beyond 65mi from Central Los Angeles $.35/mi. Occasionally a hotel stay is required for long distance/late night.

    Out of town: actual travel costs (airline, hotel, per diem etc.)

Other fees: There will be no surprises! Every event is different and depending on the requirements of your event if there is anything not mentioned on this page or covered in your contract we will discuss it before it is approved.